Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Coming Soon, the Kuma Girl

Introducing a new member to Magicthinking, the Kuma Girl. She will be joining us as small little items that will cheer your day! Stay in touch for the announcement of her debut at our Etsy shop soon. For the time being, please take a look at her short introduction below. 

MagicthinkingのニューメンバーKuma Girlを紹介します。彼女はハッピーな小さなアイテムとして登場する予定です。Etsyショップでの彼女のデビューまでしばらくお待ちください。それまではKuma Girlの短い自己紹介をどうぞ。

Kuma Girl. 
This whimsical looking girl is the Kuma Girl. Kuma literally means “bear” in Japanese, but it is also an expression used for dark circles around the eyes. Running around her busy life, the Kuma girl have developed permanent dark circles around her eyes as long as she remembers. 
Kuma Girl embraces her kuma eyes signature look, blending it in with her own unique style. 
Sleep deprived? So what, life goes on. 

Kuma Girl
この独特なルックスの女の子がKuma Girlです。忙しい毎日を送っているなか目の周りにクマが定着してしまった彼女。いつから出て来たのか覚えてないぐらい長い付き合いだ。
自然に逆らうことなくそのクマ目を自分の特徴として受け入れて自分のスタイルの一部にするKuma Girl. 

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