Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tips for traveling

It's the holiday season. Are you spending yours catching up with family and friends or are you up for an adventure at a new city? If you're travelling here's my tip for walking around in cities.
Some of us worry about the safety of our belongings especially in places with a reputation with pick pockets. What I always do is carry 2 bags. A mini sling bag for valuable items such as passport, money and phones. Try to keep this bag small and light. Always keep this bag with you and keep it in front of you at all times.
For the other bag I always go for totes. It's spacious enough to carry a water bottle, a make-up pouch, pocket tissues, sunglasses, things that you need but of a lesser interest to thieves. The tote can also double as a shopping bag. They're also light and foldable, taking very little space in your luggage.