Sunday, 25 April 2010

Magicthinking opens!

Today is a historical event for Magicthinking. It's the debut day on shelf! Now you can actually get to see and touch "Head To Toe by Apie" items.

The place: Shimo-kitazawa
Shop name: Hakouri
Business hours: Monday&Thursday 13:00~20:00
Friday~Sunday 12:00~20:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
How to go: Go out of the station at the south exit. Walk straight down the road where you'll see McDonalds on yor left. Walk a little further and you'll see a Docomo shop on your left. Turn left here into the lane next to Docomo shop. Walk about 100m down this road and find the stairs up to the shop on the left. The stairs is a little bit difficult to notice, but you'll see a small board which says Hakouri near the entrance to the stairs.
Japanese page for direction to the shop

Not all of the items introduced in this blog will be placed there at once. I will try to rotate these items once every few weeks. This will be updated here on the blog too.
The very first recommended item on shelf is the apron. There's a slight change in the design since the last time I posted it here on the blog. The ribbons has been replaced with buttons for easier usage. Also, there's a little change in the shape, less curves and more flow.
Check them out!!


今日はマジックシンキングにとっては特別の日になりました。なんと今日はマジックシンキングのお店デビューです!これで実際に"Head To Toe by Apie"のアイテムを手に取ることが可能になりました。

営業時間:月曜日&木曜日 13:00~20:00
金曜日〜日曜日 12:00~20:00
定休日 火曜日&水曜日