Sunday, 28 August 2011

Design Festa vol.34

Autumn is coming soon, I feel it in the air! Or maybe not yet? It's still over 30 degrees at noon. At least now my apartment's metal door doesn't burn like a frying pan anymore during the day. It really felt like I could actually do some cooking on that door if it was lying horizontally!

As they say it here in Japan, autumn is for art. So this year in November this autumn's Design Festa, vol. 34 will be held again at Big Sight from Nov. 12-13th.

This year Magicthinking will be sharing a booth with Nyonya Kebaya, whose traditional art work I have introduced before in one of my previous entries.

Please come and join the fun at the Design Festa vol. 34!
Will be looking forward to see lots of people there!






Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pink corduroy

I'm currently in the process of making small cute brooches now.
I have to choose the right fabric, the right sparkling beads, the right buttons. It's all about the combination.
For the fabric, I choose corduroy. I have a whole stack of it at one corner of my atelier.
I remember wearing a lot of them when I was a kid. I wore corduroy overalls, corduroy shorts, corduroy bell bottoms!
Corduroy as I remember them, always come in warm colours - brown, navy, maroon..maybe some white..
Now I find them in all the happiest colours I can think of, even fluorescent green!
My favourite is pink corduroy. They're bright and happy but at the same time gives you the warm feeling that corduroy should give.
Lets add a little bit of colour to the brown autumn with pink corduroy!