Monday, 30 August 2010

Important News from Magicthinking. Magicthinkingから大事なお知らせ

Hi everyone. The summer has been extremely hot this year. I've been hibernating indoor a lot this summer for this reason. It's already the end of August so it's time for me to come out of my hibernation, ready for autumn!
So, as the title says, there are some important news about Magicthinking that I would like to share.

The first news is about Magicthinking at Hakouri.
I would like to announce here that the Magicthinking box at Hakouri will no longer be available from September the 1st. Thank you for everyone who has been supporting Magicthinking at Hakouri for the last 4 months!

In replace for the Magicthinking box at Hakouri, we have a new Magicthinking online shop!
This is the second good news.
Now you can buy Magicthinking items anytime! The site is mostly in Japanese but item descriptions can be found in english, and we also offer shipping service out of Japan. If you find any questions or comments about Magicthinking's online shop, please don't hesitate to send an email to We will be happy to assist you.

Come and take a look at the shop, we'll be waiting for you there!

This blog will run as usual and I will update you with the latest news about the online shop and other events in the future. ☆







Introducing Magicthinking online's
store manager, MT.
Please visit us!☆★☆★