Friday, 21 November 2014

Salon Créations et Savoir-faire with Marie-Claire Idées 2014

I had really enjoyed my visit to the marie claire idees's creation savoir faire #SalonCSF yesterday. So this is how it was. 

The main exhibition area was divided into 5 areas: the gourmet and festive, home crative and crafts, papers, needlework, and fashion trends. 
A separate area was dedicated for inspiration. Booths decorated in various themes where visitors can freely look around for ideas. 

If you are a crafter or a big D.I.Y. fan this is the place for you. 
You not only get all types of materials for your project, you also get a variety of ideas and inspirations. 
Booth owners and visitors mingle around in a friendly manner, sharing ideas and having a lot of fun chatting about a specific product or work. 
As a visitor you get free tips from the booth owners about the variety of techniques to be used for your projects. 
There were also a number of workshops held throughout the event where you can try out new products or learn a specific technique. Each workshop normally takes in about 10 participants at a time. Everyone was having fun at the workshop but also serious about learning!

Prior to visiting this event I have downloaded the special app for this event to my phone. I could see the event space map, locate booths, and make a visiting plan.
This has helped a lot as there were too many visitors and navigating my way around the crowd might have been a little more difficult without it. 

This event is until sunday the 23rd, I would like to go back to try one of the workshops. 

By the way this is an event fully in française. Not to worry, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Try a parlez-vous anglais or puis- je parler en anglais after your bonjour and things will work out! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

The good vibes of the happy chain

I haven’t been writing on this blog for a while. I have taken this blog too seriously that I think I should only post about my creations and updates on Magicthinking. 

This was the problem. My creative process has been going in spiral -- downwards. Not because I lost interest in it, but because I was trying too hard to be good. Of course I will put my best output in making every piece at Magithinking, it’s just that when I don’t think my work is good enough I end up putting nothing up here on the blog (or anywhere else) and that is the gravity to the spiral I was in. 

I have been doing some thinking, trying to change the way I think about things. My husband and I made a trip to the west coast of USA recently and it was the first trip that we have made so far which was planned just to meet up with our friends. We normally do trips for work or sightseeing, enjoying the place. Each city that we visited for this recent trip was purposely to meet friends. 

I think this was probably where the magic started for me. It could have been the sun, but I would like to think it’s the people. I was an introvert and still very much am one. I do enjoy company but I have this bad habit to recall the contents of my meet ups at the end of the day and start criticizing myself for things that I could have done better, like I should have said B instead of A. 

Which when I come to think about it now, it doesn’t matter. Nobody was wishing they had heard differently from me because I have not been rude and not have said anything bad. It was just in my mind. I still need a lot of work to be done on this but I think I am making progress. 

Anyway, the people that I have met during the trip has reminded me about how good meeting people is for you, especially when you meet happy people. Happy vibes are contagious. I have always said it in my motto about what Magicthinking is all about -- to spread happiness. 

It struck me then about why I have been stuck in the spiral. I have only that much energy within me. I need more input from outside in order to spread the happiness. As funny as it sounds, it was a wake up call for me. Staying connected is in our ancient mind no matter how much we have progressed along with evolution. 

So for the months after that trip, I have tried to re-wire my mind to think about positive things and to meet more friends when I can. I have also been given the opportunity to meet some good hearted, strong willed and positive people lately. 

I take good care that I do this in a good phase too. I don’t want to clutter my mind up too much with all the meetings that it would give me the negative effect instead because as much as meeting people give you positive energy, you will also have to share some of your energy too and it takes quite some amount of it. A good balance of exchange of energy is just what you need. 

I do feel more positive and that has also helped in my creative thinking. I feel more energized and focused with my work and the creative process that I do. 
I must also thank my best friend for sending me postcards with beautiful words about positive thinking just when I needed it. We still do appreciate letters from each other, instead of emails.  

Positive and happy thinking is contagious in a very mysterious way and we should all try to share what we can. 
That is why I am writing this post although it is not exactly about the items at Magicthinking or an event coming up. This is just part of the creative process behind Magicthinking and I think that it is worth sharing as I still believe that Magicthinking is about spreading happiness

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tips for traveling

It's the holiday season. Are you spending yours catching up with family and friends or are you up for an adventure at a new city? If you're travelling here's my tip for walking around in cities.
Some of us worry about the safety of our belongings especially in places with a reputation with pick pockets. What I always do is carry 2 bags. A mini sling bag for valuable items such as passport, money and phones. Try to keep this bag small and light. Always keep this bag with you and keep it in front of you at all times.
For the other bag I always go for totes. It's spacious enough to carry a water bottle, a make-up pouch, pocket tissues, sunglasses, things that you need but of a lesser interest to thieves. The tote can also double as a shopping bag. They're also light and foldable, taking very little space in your luggage.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Summer sale

Summer is here. Most of us are already enjoying this sunny season, some are planning for a holiday soon.
Magicthinking would like to add to the excitement of this season by offering a 20% discount coupon.
Check the Etsy shop and enjoy this limited discount valid from 11th July - 18th July 2013.
Please use the coupon code : SUMMER2013 upon check out.


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Kuma Girl is officially out for sale

The latest creation at Magicthinking, the Kuma Girl is ready to see the world. The Kuma Girl keychains and pin dolls are available now at our Etsy store. Also keep in touch for more Kuma Girl items coming up soon. 

新作のKuma Girlを発売開始。今現在この作品はキーホルダー又はブローチとして登場。是非Etsyショップで作品をご覧ください。また後々登場するKuma Girl作品も楽しみにしてください。

Friday, 14 June 2013

Shipping policy changes on our Etsy shop

Some changes have been made to our shop's shipping policy.
Now customers from outside of Japan can enjoy a more affordable shipping rates for all items purchased online through the Etsy shop. Please feel free to browse through the items and take advantage of the new shipping rates.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Coming Soon, the Kuma Girl

Introducing a new member to Magicthinking, the Kuma Girl. She will be joining us as small little items that will cheer your day! Stay in touch for the announcement of her debut at our Etsy shop soon. For the time being, please take a look at her short introduction below. 

MagicthinkingのニューメンバーKuma Girlを紹介します。彼女はハッピーな小さなアイテムとして登場する予定です。Etsyショップでの彼女のデビューまでしばらくお待ちください。それまではKuma Girlの短い自己紹介をどうぞ。

Kuma Girl. 
This whimsical looking girl is the Kuma Girl. Kuma literally means “bear” in Japanese, but it is also an expression used for dark circles around the eyes. Running around her busy life, the Kuma girl have developed permanent dark circles around her eyes as long as she remembers. 
Kuma Girl embraces her kuma eyes signature look, blending it in with her own unique style. 
Sleep deprived? So what, life goes on. 

Kuma Girl
この独特なルックスの女の子がKuma Girlです。忙しい毎日を送っているなか目の周りにクマが定着してしまった彼女。いつから出て来たのか覚えてないぐらい長い付き合いだ。
自然に逆らうことなくそのクマ目を自分の特徴として受け入れて自分のスタイルの一部にするKuma Girl.