Sunday, 1 November 2009

Passport cover パスポートカバー

Going somewhere? It's already exciting enough to know that you're traveling to some place new, but wouldn't the trip be more wonderful having something cute to come along with you?
I'm very clumsy, and all the procedures at the airport - checking in, the immigration etc are driving me crazy. I get very nervous having to take many things in and out of my bag! The passport, mileage card, boarding ticket .. too many important things to hold at once!

My new creation, the traveling purse will help me hold all these item, so all I need at the airport is only this purse. There are slots for the passports and cards on the left, a pocket underneath, and another slot for boarding pass on the right.
I have 3 designs so far and I am pretty proud of the letter design!

Already looking forward to my next trip!




Clutch Purse クラッチバッグ

This purse is just the right size to fit a mobile phone and a small purse inside. The pink and black ribbon matches the grey background and I attached the leopard button to add some spice to this bag. The chain is approximately 115cm long and detachable.
This purse fits both town use and for parties.


Saturday, 31 October 2009

Full Coordinate 全身コーディネート

One of the few clothing designs that I have. The t-shirt is one of my oldest creation,made about a year ago. The t-shirt was made from a stretchable cotton material, the ribbons hand-stitched to the t-shirt. I chose the checked linen material for the stole as it has a different pattern of subtle purple and grey on both sides, giving the stole a 2-way look.
The skirt is my latest creation, a spontaneous idea after reading some fashion magazines. Sewing the material to the thick elastic band directly gives the skirt this fluffy look.
All together, trala! A girly look!


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wax-sealed letter シーリングワクスと手紙

This will be my second post for my "100 little happiness" project.
Wax-sealed letter. No specific reason, I just love them!
Gives me a nostalgic feeling



Holga bags!! ホルガのバッグ!!

Finally I managed to finish my latest project, the Holga bag! Holga is a simple inexpensive toy camera and I LOVE the pictures that it takes! Mine is a relatively new model, the 135BC which uses 35mm films instead of the 120 films that the original Holga use. The bags that I have shown here are made specifically for the 135BC model.

Due to the simplicity of this camera, it doesn't have a strap neither hooks to attach a neck strap. So these bags that I made will serve the purpose of keeping your hands free as you can the camera over the shoulder. The straps are adjustable so that you can hang it over the neck at its shortest length and over the shoulders when extended.

I have also carefully designed them to skip the hassle of taking the camera out of the bag every time I'd like to snap a picture. The bag covers all parts of the camera except for the functional parts like the lens, finder window and release button. So all you have to do is take the lens cover off and snap!

Above all these useful functions, these bags were created so that it enhances the unique features of the camera, making each Holga with these bags different!






Monday, 28 September 2009

Colourful Ribbons! カラフルなリボン!

My first entry for the "100 Little Happiness" project.
I LOVE ribbons and these gradation coloured ribbons just make me smile!

”100の小さな幸せ” 第一回です。

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Apron (エプロン)


Who said bibs are only for children??
We adults also do have sauce stains on our shirts once in a while. These stains can be nasty especially if its on a white shirt!
I came out with this idea of "bibs" for adults because I myself encounter difficulties cleaning up those nasty stains.

I carefully selected the fabrics with small flowers and add colourful ribbons over the neck to add a more feminine taste.

So the next time you're having dinner with sizzling sauce, put these pretty colourful aprons on rather than those white boring napkins.
The most important thing is that they're washable so it is much greener than paper napkins!

These aprons can be rolled so it's easier to bring around in your bag.




Friday, 25 September 2009

Mini purse

The material has a very subtle brown colour so I added the purple ribbon and button to add some colour and "cute"ness!
Surprisingly purple goes with brown!


Tote bag!

Small but practical!
I made it a point to add as many pocket as possible.

1 zipped pocket at the side, pocket for mobile phones on the other side. And the best part is that it has a middle pocket where you can put small items like your keys.
This pocket also acts as a divider inside the bag. Wallet in one side, a book in the other!
You'll never loose anything inside your bag anymore!


Welcome to Magicthinking!

Here I will share my creations, "Head To Toe by Apie" and also update you with my search for little happiness in "100 little happiness".




ここでは私の作品の数々、" Head To Toe by Apie" を公開!さらに、幸せを探すミッションで”100の小さな幸せ”も!