Monday, 29 March 2010

Brain Bag

My latest work. The brain bag.

I got this inspiration after the "Medicine and Art exhibition" that I visited at the Mori Art Museum. When I was doing science I had many many encounters with myself being bored with it. It was as if science is a very rigid field that doesn't quite let the mind free like art. This exhibition reminded me that science and art can be combined together to make really interesting art works.
So I went home and immediately thought of this brain bag.
I wanted it to be full of colours, so I have used different cheerful materials for each part of the brain. Putting the brain parts together was quite an effort, since I have done a quilting method for it.
Overall I'm happy with this bag, especially the brain design part. The only "mistake" I made was to use a stretchy material for the outer layer of the bag and a cotton material for the inside. This has created a slight difference in the length of the two materials at the top part of the bag. So the finishing wasn't nice.

Well, good experiment for me though!
WIll probably make a newer version of the brain bag again. Wait for the post!




Monday, 22 March 2010

Shinmai Creator's Project Fashion Show

Shinmai Creator's Project

Presented by Japan Fashion Week

22nd March 2010

I was at the Shinmai Creator's Project A/W collection show yesterday, held in Tokyo Midtown for the Japan Fashion Week. Thank you Elle Japan!!

Four labels were introduced at the show yesterday:


Designer : Yu Amatsu


Designer : Akane Utsunomia


Designer : Fabiola Arias


Designer : Luise Schwarze & Franck Pouchoulin

Overall, I think the collections were all a little bit too gloomy. I know, it's for A/W, but who said winter can't be a happy time?

Personally, I liked FABIOLA ARIAS best. Her designs were very cute and airy. It seems that she designs her clothes like painting. Hmm..inspirational. The background music left quite an impression for me too I suppose. I like happy music and her show had the happiest one on, which actually makes her collection looks very fairy tale-like.

Well, I kind of like THE INDIVIDUALIST(S) too. Gloomy, in a nice way.

I tried taking pictures of the show, to share them here. BUT, there were just too many people and I was sitting on the floor! Yes, on the floor! So I can't really see the whole runway hence no nice pictures...sob sob

The picture above is a aresent from Elle. A cute colourful scarf, collaboration between Elle and Shida Tatsuya. The cutest thing about it is that it comes with the glass bottle!




A DEGREE FAHRENHEIT (エーディグリーファーレンハイト)




FABIOLA ARIAS (ファビオラ アリアス)

デザイナー:ファビオラ アリアス

THE INDIVIDUALIST(S). A label by Luise&Franck) (ザ インディヴィデゥアリツ アレーベルバイルイーズアンドフランク)

Designer : ルイーズシュワルツ & フランク プシュラン


しかし個人的には4つのコレクションの中ではFABIOLA ARIASのコレクションが一番のお気に入りです。彼女のデザインはとっても可愛くて軽く流れるような感じでした。流れている曲の影響なのか明るい曲だったのでデザインがとっても可愛く見えました。

そのほかにはTHE INDIVIDUALIST(S)のコレクションもよかったかな。雰囲気は少し暗いけどデザインはいいのでなんだかクールに暗い感じでした。


ファッションショーはもちろんですが、そのほかにうれしかったのはエルからのプレゼントです。ガラス瓶入りのELLE x ISHIDA TATSUYAのカラフルストール。瓶入りがたまらなく可愛い!(上の写真)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Book Cover (ブックカバー)

It's been a while since I last posted anything here. I have been doing some experimental projects with many things during that silence. At first I thought of putting up only things that I'm happy about on this page. I think I will put up all of my experimental goods also from now on.

Okay, so here's one of them. They're just simple book covers, but I decorated them with ribbons and pretty ornaments. I made the one with pink hearts for myself, and the one with green ribbon and butterflies for my sister.

A book cover does not only serve to protect your books, but can be part of your style. Fashion doesn't end with clothes/shoes/bags only!