Friday, 21 November 2014

Salon Créations et Savoir-faire with Marie-Claire Idées 2014

I had really enjoyed my visit to the marie claire idees's creation savoir faire #SalonCSF yesterday. So this is how it was. 

The main exhibition area was divided into 5 areas: the gourmet and festive, home crative and crafts, papers, needlework, and fashion trends. 
A separate area was dedicated for inspiration. Booths decorated in various themes where visitors can freely look around for ideas. 

If you are a crafter or a big D.I.Y. fan this is the place for you. 
You not only get all types of materials for your project, you also get a variety of ideas and inspirations. 
Booth owners and visitors mingle around in a friendly manner, sharing ideas and having a lot of fun chatting about a specific product or work. 
As a visitor you get free tips from the booth owners about the variety of techniques to be used for your projects. 
There were also a number of workshops held throughout the event where you can try out new products or learn a specific technique. Each workshop normally takes in about 10 participants at a time. Everyone was having fun at the workshop but also serious about learning!

Prior to visiting this event I have downloaded the special app for this event to my phone. I could see the event space map, locate booths, and make a visiting plan.
This has helped a lot as there were too many visitors and navigating my way around the crowd might have been a little more difficult without it. 

This event is until sunday the 23rd, I would like to go back to try one of the workshops. 

By the way this is an event fully in française. Not to worry, everyone is very friendly and helpful. Try a parlez-vous anglais or puis- je parler en anglais after your bonjour and things will work out!