Sunday, 1 November 2009

Passport cover パスポートカバー

Going somewhere? It's already exciting enough to know that you're traveling to some place new, but wouldn't the trip be more wonderful having something cute to come along with you?
I'm very clumsy, and all the procedures at the airport - checking in, the immigration etc are driving me crazy. I get very nervous having to take many things in and out of my bag! The passport, mileage card, boarding ticket .. too many important things to hold at once!

My new creation, the traveling purse will help me hold all these item, so all I need at the airport is only this purse. There are slots for the passports and cards on the left, a pocket underneath, and another slot for boarding pass on the right.
I have 3 designs so far and I am pretty proud of the letter design!

Already looking forward to my next trip!




Clutch Purse クラッチバッグ

This purse is just the right size to fit a mobile phone and a small purse inside. The pink and black ribbon matches the grey background and I attached the leopard button to add some spice to this bag. The chain is approximately 115cm long and detachable.
This purse fits both town use and for parties.